Budgeting 101: Four Things You Can Do To Handle Your Finances

It’s the year 2018 and you should say it with us: Budgets are sexy! The old belief was that budgets were boring and simply for housewives. Well today you’ll learn that budgets is for everyone and can really help you with your finances.

Keep Track of Your Spending

Before you can build your budget, you need to see what you’ve been doing so far. Where does a majority of your money go? What regular expenses pop up on a regular basis? In order to determine the answer to those questions, it would be good to track your spending.

You can have a little notebook to jot down the things that you spend on or you can even use a budget app. Keep your receipts. Use your phone to take a clear photo of the receipt before you toss it so that you can include it in your app or your notes for later on.

Put Things into Categories

When you track your expenses, you’ll be able to comprehensively categorize which expenses are necessary and which are unnecessary. It goes without saying that priorities should be the primary destination of your funds.

You can put things into “annual”, “monthly”, “weekly”, and “daily” expenses. This way you can realistically ascertain what you end up spending as a whole. That way, you can compare it to what you earn and see what needs to be adjusted.

Prioritize Your Savings

It does not matter if you start with $5 or $100, what is important is that you jumpstart your savings. Eventually, putting money toward your savings will be automatic. Remember that you are working to not just be able to provide for yourself in the next few years. You are working to be able to be self-sufficient by the time you retire.

Stick to an Established Budget

Again, budgets are sexy. Use the tips above to lead into a budget that is pretty structured but not constricting. The last thing you would want is to feel like your money is all allotted toward something else.


Everyone needs a budget. You can’t build a house without foundations to hold everything else—and that is exactly what a budget is: your foundation. It is the gateway to obtaining things that you want, the things that you need, and the things that are just too good to pass up. A good budget helps to protect you from any sudden expenditure that comes your ways.

What budgeting tips do you make use of in your current financial state?

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