Five Ways You Succeed at Money Management (Even When It Doesn’t Feel Like It)

The funny thing about finances is that you can be succeeding in your financial life but not really believe it. This is due to the fact that the markers of financial success can be overlooked. When you are living a busy life: meeting deadlines, paying off debt, carving out social events, staying on top of tuition fees and whatnot—it can be quite easy to feel like you are not as financially well off as you would like.

However, we have come up with five particular markers that mean you are succeeding at money management—even when it does not feel like it.

No Late Bills

Utilities are a regular monthly expense that many in the world struggle to meet. So if you happen to have your bills paid off in advance or on time, then you are pretty good on your money management. You comprehend the fact that utilities are big responsibilities and must be met appropriately.

Existing Savings

We believe that we have emphasized time and time again how savings is truly important. It is a concept that everyone needs but a majority of people put off when they can. It doesn’t even have to be a large amount. As long as you have a steady habit of putting aside some money from your earnings, no matter how much it is, you are already managing your finances well.

Good Credit

Credit scores determine the likelihood of getting good deals for loans and other things. You do not even to be on the ‘great’ credit ranking yet. As long as you are on the ‘good’ credit ranking, you are already doing better than 70% of people in the USA. If you make it a habit to check up on your credit score by asking for your credit report and keeping track of your expenses, you manage your money better than most.

You Can Give Gifts

People like to show they care through gifts. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are an annual thing. As social creatures, we like to show our appreciation through gifts. If you are able to do that without having to put off another expense, that is another marker of your good management.

No Financial Stress

Any relationship expert will tell you that the fights about money are a bigger cause of breakups than infidelity. Lying about money, stressing over the next big expense, and all the problems that come with it all end up damaging the everyday harmony that you should be experiencing. If you do not have to deal with massive and consistent financial stress, you are in a good place.


It does not take a lot to really determine if you are managing your finances well or not. If you have been feeling like you were not doing well but find that you are able to accomplish the item above, we’re happy for you.

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