Should You or Shouldn’t You: the Great Cryptocurrency Investment

There have been massive fortunes that have been made in the recent months. Those that invested in Bitcoin have enjoyed a massive boom in their finances making everyone else wonder if they should invest in it. It was in around December of 2017 when Bitcoin surged to around $10,000 per unit—making instant millionaires of those that had been mining it long before.

Should You Invest In It?

As there is serious money to be made in Bitcoin, there are now a lot of individuals who are highly interested in securing some of that good stuff. However, an investment must be studied thoroughly before you get into it. When you are thinking of investing into anything, it is important that you consider certain factors beforehand.

Factors like:


Any investment will cost you money—otherwise it would be highly suspicious (like getting a call or a text that you won a raffle that you never joined). So is this investment feasible in your current economic status? Brokers will tell you that you should not invest a large sum of your finances toward an investment. You should realistically start with money that you have specifically set aside for it. If the cost is doable within the confines of your investment budget, then you should give it a try.

Bitcoin is in an ever present state of flux February of this year saw Bitcoin at around $8,851 per Bitcoin. So buying into it can take a huge chunk out of your finances.


This refers to the return of investment. What are the chances that your money that you invested will grow into a bigger sum within three months to six months? There is no sense in sending your money into an investment and not have a foreseeable return within a set amount of time.

As Bitcoin has massive return, getting your hands on just one can yield an immediate uptick for your ROI.


When you look at an investment, you should consider the longevity of it. Is the subject of your investment for a short-term or a long-term one? While it is important to know when to put your money in, it is also equally important to know when you should take it out. Knowing when to buy and when to sell can determine the strength of your finances.

Bitcoin is still in at a high so buying it can be quite steep. You must look at the trends to see if it is able to sustain its high and go even higher (and for how long) before you can actually make a good sell.


Bitcoin continues to be a highly volatile subject of investment. There are people who pretty much sold everything they owned to invest in Bitcoin. There are those that tell you to avoid investing in it altogether. It is all up to your understanding and willingness to take on a risk in order to obtain something that can either help or hamper your finances.

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