Useful Resources

Information is the gateway to power.

When it comes to handling money, it is important to learn how it is done properly. When that is the goal, where do you turn to? Of course, you would try to find useful resources like Horwedel’s Currency. Despite having an incredible writing team with their personal experiences handling finances and debt, we know that if we want to serve you better, we must always be on the lookout for findings from other good sources.

As such, we would like to share some of the resources that we have found to be quite handy.

Oblivious Investor

If you were ever interested in learning more about doing investments, this site is a must-read. It provides tips for rather simple and very low-maintenance investor knowledge. They also have a subsector for any taxing issues and even accounting concerns. They’re very focused in helping people build feasible retirement plans.

Money Saving Mom

Do not let the name trick you into thinking that this is solely for mothers. This site provides finance handling as seen through the perspective of someone who is raising a family. So if you are ever in a situation where you need to budget for more than just yourself, you can make use of the articles that this blog publishes on a fairly regular basis.

The College Investor

Student Loans are a reality that many continue to wrestle with several decades after they actually go to school. This particular site offers a lot of interesting information that is geared toward millennials and those that are aiming to tackle their student debt.

Do you have any trusty resources? Share them with us!